The UW anthropology major is committed to describing, interpreting, and explaining the historical, biological, and cultural diversity of the human species. Anthropology's unique contribution to the human sciences and humanities is its expansive scope — temporally and spatially — in the study of human beings. It includes the study of human evolution, the archaeological record, language and culture, the relationship between humans and their environment, and cultural modes of being as these differ in time and space. In studying anthropology, students can better understand how to find ways to live together in today's world, respecting cultural diversity while building upon common human values.

Whether you are an anthropology major or just thinking about becoming one, the Anthropology Advising Office is the place to go for information about degree and program requirements, current course offerings, and advice about completing your studies. The advising office is located in Condon Hall 401. For more information about the major, please contact Undergrad Advsing at 206-685-9516 (hours 9-4 Monday through Friday). Click here to submit an online request for an appointment. Before you come to your appointment, please make sure you check out the curriculum forecast to get an overview of what classes are available this year and next year.

There are three informal tracks and four formal options within the undergraduate major  in which students may wish to concentrate their studies.