Undergraduate Awards

Each year we recognize the best undergraduate honors thesis and best anthropology essay with financial awards. A faculty committee selects the papers for each award. We give out three awards for best anthropology essay — one each for archaeology, biocultural anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology.

Curtis Wienker Anthropology Awards for Undergraduate Students

Best Anthropology Honors Theses 2009-2010

  • Winner: Adele M. Clouse
    Thesis Title: "Interpretation of hominoid locomotor behavior through estimations of Humeral torsion"
    Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kramer
  • Winner: Kelsey Petrie
    Thesis Title: "Development of an Ethnomedical Model of Medical Belief Among the Mapuche of Chile"
    Advisor: Dr. Bettina Shell-Duncan

Best Anthropology Essay Awards 2009-2010

Sociocultural Winners

  • Winner: Yordanos Fesehaye
    Essay: “Kibre ab Sidet (Honor in Exile): Following Eritrean Youth in the U.S. Diaspora: Acculturation, Identity and Adaptation”
    Professor: Dr. Rachel Chapman
  • Winner: Kimberly Kuo
    Essay: “Masking Realities: Tourism Advertisements in the 
    Promotion of Hawai'i"
    Professor: Dr. Miriam Kahn

Biocultural Winner

  • Winner: Heidi Febinger
    Essay: "Fluctuating Cortisol Levels in Women in Relation to Naps"
    Professor: Dr. Kathleen O'Connor