Undergraduate Awards

Each year we recognize the best undergraduate honors thesis and best anthropology essay with financial awards. A faculty committee selects the papers for each award. We give out three awards for best anthropology essay — one each for archaeology, biocultural anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology.

Curtis Wienker Anthropology Awards for Undergraduate Students

Best Anthropology Honors Theses 2013-2014

  • Winner:  Amanda Cortez
    Thesis Title: "Drawing the line: An exploration into the complex and contradictory relationships between humans and other primates."
    Advisor: Dr. Devon Peña
  • Winner:  Haley Millet
    Thesis Title:  "Life in the Lukoola: Place-based Pursuits of Food Sovereignty in Central Uganda."
    Advisor: Dr. Devon Peña

Best Anthropology Essay Awards 2013-2014

Sociocultural Winners

  • Winner: Gina Senegor
    Essay: “Identity and Ideology: Veiled Sentiments vs. Women of Fes”
    Professor: Dr. Michael V. Perez

Biocultural Winner

  • Winner: Eleanor Cummins
    Essay:  “An Evolutionary Explanation for Reserach Misconduct?"
    Professor: Dr. Dan Eisenberg

Archaeology Winner

  • Winner: Lindsey Hess
    Essay: "Preliminary Analysis of Physical Characteristics of Archaeological Sediments at Malakunanja II"
    Professor: Dr. Benjamin Marwick