Donald K. Grayson

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Donald K.
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Condon 528
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206 543-5587
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My prime interests lie in understanding the interrelationships between people and the biotic landscapes with which they interact. My technical specialization in zooarchaeology provides me with one means of addressing this general area, while theory drawn from both biogeography and evolutionary ecology provides the conceptual tools I have used to understand those interrelationships. Although my research is driven more by questions than by time periods or geography, the bulk of my work has involved the latest Pleistocene and Holocene of the Great Basin (western United States) and Pleistocene southwestern France, areas in which I plan to continue working in the future.
<p>North American prehistory (especially the Arid West), European Paleolithic</p>
Selected Publications
<p>Grayson, D. K., and F. Delpech. The Large Mammals of Roc de Combe (Lot, France): The Ch&acirc;telperronian and Aurignacian Assemblages. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 27:338-362.</p>
<p>Grayson, D. K., and C. Millar. Prehistoric Human Influence on the Abundance and Distribution of Deadwood in Alpine Landscapes. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 10:101-108.</p>