Darryl Holman

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Associate Professor
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418 Denny Hall
Office Phone: 
206 543-7586
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206 543-3285
Academic Information
Biocultural Anthropology
Selected Publications
Holman DJ, Grimes MA, Achterberg JT, Brindle E, O’Connor KA. The distribution of postpartum amenorrhea in rural Bangladeshi women. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 129:609-619.
Holman DJ, Yamaguchi K. Longitudinal analysis of deciduous tooth emergence: IV. Covariate effects in Japanese children. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 126:352-358.
Holman DJ, Grimes MA, Brindle E, O’Connor KA. Hormonal correlates for the initiation of breastfeeding in Bangladeshi women. Hormones and Behavior 46:382-391
Holman DJ, Grimes MA. Patterns for the initiation of breastfeeding in humans. The American Journal of Human Biology 15:765-780.
Holman DJ, O'Connor KA, Wood JW. Estimating age-at-death distributions from skeletal samples: A multivariate latent trait approach. In Hoppa RD and Vaupel JW (eds.) Paleodemography: Age Distributions from Skeletal Samples. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 222-242.