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Janelle S.
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Condon Hall 514
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(206) 543-4793
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As a sociocultural anthropologist I use ethnographic methods to study health, illness, medical education, medical technology, and medical practice. My research has focused on a variety of topics relating to medical technology, medical education, and medical practice, including fetal ultrasound imaging, medical decision-making at the end of life, and how 'culture' is formulated within medical education. Most recently I have been pursuing two different research directions. The first concerns medical education, exploring the role of "Standardized Patient" performances in the teaching and assessment of clinical skills. The second concerns dementia, and questions of visibility, recognition, and care. My newest research explores friendship in the context of dementia -- why friendships so often prove fragile after the onset of dementia, and how some friendships nonetheless manage to adapt and adjust. Common to all these projects, different as they are, is a concern to document and understand how representations inform social practices; how mediation happens between distinct systems of value; how "persons" are socially made (and unmade); and how medicine and health care are involved in all of this.
<p>Most of my teaching focuses on medical anthropology. I teach courses at all levels, from introductory undergraduate courses to graduate-level seminars. Titles of some courses that I regularly teach are: &quot;Social Difference and Medical Knowledge,&quot; &quot;Narrative, Literature, and Medical Anthropology,&quot; &quot;Labor, Identity, and Knowledge in Health Care,&quot; and &quot;Perspectives in Medical Anthropology.&quot; I also supervise numerous graduate students, undergraduate honors students, and have worked with visiting scholars from various universities in Europe.</p>
Sociocultural Anthropology
<p>Medicine and medical education, dementia, technology, commodification and consumer culture, reproduction, science studies, social theory; US</p>
Selected Publications
<p>Janelle S. Taylor. &ldquo; Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? Friendship in the Face of Dementia,&rdquo; in Successful Aging: A 21st Century Obsession, ed. Sarah Lamb. Volume submitted to press for publication consideration.
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<p>Janelle S. Taylor, &quot;The Demise of the Bumbler and the Crock: From Experience to Accountability in Medical Education and Ethnography,&quot; American Anthropologist, 116(3):523-2534</p>
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<p>Janelle S. Taylor, Shaune M. DeMers, Elizabeth K. Vig and Soo Borson. &ldquo;The Disappearing Subject: Exclusion of People with Cognitive Impairment and Dementia from Geriatrics Research,&rdquo; Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 60:413-419.</p>
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<p>Janelle S. Taylor, &ldquo;Confronting &lsquo;Culture&rsquo; in Medicine&rsquo;s &lsquo;Culture of No Culture&rsquo;,&rdquo; Academic Medicine, 78(3):555-559.</p>