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Jessica A.
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Denny Hall
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(206) 221-8130
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Currently, I am writing a book manuscript entitled, “Biblical Porn: The Affective Labor of Popularizing Evangelical Culture,” based on two years of ethnographic fieldwork at Mars Hill Church. In this project, I analyze gender and sexuality doctrine as publicly performed and proliferated online in sermons, members’ testimonies, and the church’s engagement with idioms of popular culture such as Hollywood films. By examining the audio-visual teaching material on men’s leadership in spiritual warfare and women’s sexual freedom within marriage, I theorize “biblical porn” as a social imaginary and instrument of governance that elicits pastors’ and congregants’ affective labor in support of Mars Hill’s mission to expand its influence on local, national, and global scales. I investigate the popularization of Mars Hill’s cultural production among and beyond evangelical audiences as contextualized by an unending global war on terror, neoliberal and military ideologies of sacrifice, and emergent forms of subjectivity shaped by the interactivity of social media and pervasiveness of “reality” programming.
Sociocultural Anthropology
Anthropology of Christianity, Gender and Feminist Theory, Sexuality and Queer Theory, Visual and New Media, Affect, Neoliberalism, Militarism; United States
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