Dabigatran (Pradaxa)

  • A new oral direct thrombin inhibitor approved for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation

Relevant Clinical Trials

UW Medicine Dabigatran Clinical Screening Checklist

Medication Guide

Patient Education Documentation

Therapeutic Monitoring

Dabigatran is not intended to be monitored using routine coagulation testing.  Its fixed dosing is not intended to be adjusted on the basis of any coagulation laboratory parameter. 

In certain clinical situations in which the presence or absence of anticoagulant effect induced by dabigatran needs to be measured, the UW Medicine Dabigatran Assay can be used.

Suggestions for Reversal and Management of Bleeding

There is NO REVERSAL AGENT OR ANTIDOTE for dabigatran.  Very limited data, primarily non-human, are available to guide management of bleeding. 

Mild Bleeding                                       
  • delay next dose or discontinue therapy
Moderate to Severe Bleeding
  • symptomatic treatment
  • mechanical compression
  • surgical intervention
  • fluid replacement and hemodynamic support
  • blood product transfusion
  • oral charcoal (if dabigatran administered < 2 hrs prior)
  • hemodialysis (60% removal)
Life Threatening Bleeding
  • measures above
  • charcoal filtration
  • last resort: PCC - Bebulin 25-50 U/kg 

Administration Considerations

  • Do not break, chew or crush capsules
  • Keep capsules in original container – do not store or place in other containers
  • After opening original container, capsules expire in 120 days