The Association of Professional Advisers and Counselors (APAC)

Reports and Presentations

Administering and Advising Self-Sustaining Degree Programs

From the February 8, 2012 APAC Brownbag given by Marie Potter of the Information School. See also the I-School's FAQ. Further, check out a recording of the Brownbag here. Contact Marie Potter with questions at mardup@uw.edu or 206-616-2544.

The Veterans Center Presentation

From the November 9, 2011 APAC Brownbag. If you have questions about the services that the Veterans Center provides, please email Tim Wold, Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid at twold@u.washington.edu or 206-685-1338.

Pursuing Graduate Education: Creating Pipelines and Pathways Presentation

From the September 2011 APAC Summer Summit. If you have any questions, please email Anthony Salazar, Graduate Diversity Program Specialist, Graduate Opportunities, Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP), The Graduate School, at asalazar@uw.edu or 206 616-3513.

English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR) presentation

From the September 2009 APAC Summer Summit. If you have any questions or suggestions about the new curriculum, please email Amy Renehan, Campus Programs Specialist, International & English Language Programs, at arenehan@uw.edu or 206-685-6441.

Committee on the Organization of Colleges and Schools

The committee charge was to gather information and ideas about how the organization of the University of Washington can provide the best learning environment for our students and most effectively support research, scholarship, and creative work. How can the organization of our colleges and schools best serve our core missions of learning, discovery, and creativity? What innovative strategies might be proposed as we move into the future?

The results of the committee's research are presented in this report, published in December 2006.

Provost's Task Force on the Academic Progress of Undergraduates

This report, published in September 2004, presents a comprehensive overview of issues addressing "progress to degree" of undergraduates at UW-Seattle, with recommendations for improvements.

Report of Findings and Recommendations of the Advising Self-Study

Published in 2005, this report posed questions such as "What is academic advising?", "What is the status of advising nationally?", "How has advising developed as a discipline/profession?", and "How is academic advising delivered at UW?" Themes addressed include the structure of advising, communication pathways, the role of the adviser, training and professional development, recognition and reward structure of adviser challenges, and how to improve academic advising.