Esri e-Learning at UW

Esri has recently changed its online training system. Formerly, it was necessary to request specific course codes, that could be used one time. Under the new system, anyone authorized to do so may manage their own courses. And some users can be designated to manage those authorizations.

This takes much of the burden away from the helpers that used to respond to course requests. Under the old system, each request for each course required interaction with the system. Under the new system, the only interaction will be to designate users as being able to manage their own courses. The new system does add an additional burden on the helpers to invite users to manage their own courses, but this step needs to be done only once per user, rather than once per course, so in the long run the amount of time needed to manage the system will be lower, and any mistakes previously made in course selections and seat counts should be obviated.

The new system also puts some of the burden of inviting users onto the shoulders of instructors. If you are an instructor who uses the Esri e-Learning curriculum, you will be able to invite your students to manage their own courses.

Inline links:

Inviting members (for instructors who will need to sign their students up for e-Learning)

Accessing e-Learning (for students, either taking Esri courses as part of a UW course, or self-directed)


Inviting members

These instructions are for UW members who are responsible for assigning Esri e-Learning (formerly known as the Esri Virtual Campus).

These instructions assume you have been invited to assign e-Learning permissions to students. If you need the ability to assign e-Learning, let Phil know.

First, you need to have an Esri account that is distinct from your UWNetID associated account. You can create the account at (see tab "Create an Account").

Once you have that account, log in to You will need to sign in with your credentials. DO NOT use the enterprise login.

Once you are logged in to, click the My Organizations tab.

Click the Manage Users choice.

Click Invite Users.

Enter the e-mail addresses of those that you want to authorize for managing their own Esri trainings. A comma-delimited list will work.

You will want to let the students know that they will need an Esri account that is separate from the UWNetID account they use for logging into ArcGIS Online. Also make sure they are aware that they will need to log in with that username when accessing their e-Learning.

Note that the choice for Access e-Learning is automatically enabled and is not editable. This means those you invite will be able to manage their e-Learning.

Finally, click Send Invitation at the bottom of the form. This will send the invitation e-mail messages.

Accessing e-Learning

If you are not an instructor and want to manage your own e-Learning, let the helpers know. They will invite you.

If you have been invited to access Esri e-Learning, you will have received an e-mail message similar to this:

Click the link for Accept Invitation. This will take you to the Esri accounts page. If you have not created an Esri global account, you will need to in order to access your e-Learning. You can do that by clicking the Create an Account tab.

Enter all of the necessary data in the form and then click Create an Account.

You will then get an e-mail message verifying that you created an account. You will need to activate the account by clicking the link for Active Your Account.

Enter all of the necessary data in the form.

Once you have created the account, you can sign in by visiting You will need to log in with your Esri global account. DO NOT log in using your Enterprise Account.

You will then be able to sign yourself up for Esri online courses.