Some changes are underway at that may affect you.

In mid December the hardware hosting started to fail.

I've moved the content over to a different machine to provide stopgap coverage. Some of the content at may stay there, but most, if not all, of the interactive content will be migrating to That includes any forms associated with the ESRI site license, such as off-campus license requests, virtual campus

(VC) course registrations, and student timeout software requests. There are some technical issues that will need to be worked out before changes are complete, and messages will be posted as changes continue.

One of the big changes that should make doing business easier for many of you is that request forms will use UWNetID authentication, which means you won't need to remember any additional passwords for license or VC requests--you'll use the same authentication method as you use for accessing MyUW, etc. 

Unfortunately this means we will only be able to process requests for UW folks. For those of you who coordinate ESRI site licenses at non-UW WA public higher ed sites, you will need to establish a system for processing VC course requests (contact me personally and I can provide some suggestions).

For now, virtual campus registrations for UW students, staff, and faculty can be requested at

If you find other things that are not working on the currently hosted site (e.g., dead links), please let me know.

More broadly, the state of has remained largely unchanged since initial development was funded in 2000. I acknowledge how clunky and user unfriendly the site is, and would like to see the site become something more useful and easier to navigate, and optimally with collaboratively designed/produced/managed content. Stay tuned for more info about that...