ArcGIS License Server Planned Outages


The ArcGIS license server and software distribution site will be unavailable during two upcoming power shutdowns on Feb 7th, and 23rd-24th. This may affect you if you are using as your only license server. The power shutdown has been requested by the University of Washington High Voltage shop to perform urgent maintenance.


  • Thursday Feb 7th, 6AM through Thursday Feb 7th, 8AM
  • Saturday Feb 23rd, 7AM through Sunday Feb 24th, 5PM


All services provided out of the Bloedel Hall Server Room will be unavailable (not just GIS stuff!). I’ll assume everyone can figure out on their own how to mitigate the software distribution site being down. The license server issue is more difficult however. How can you tell if you will be affected?

  • The license server outage will only affect Desktop products, not Server products (ArcGIS Server licenses are installed locally).
  • If you don’t work before 8AM or on weekends, and you don’t have long-running processes that work overnight, you will not be affected.
  • If you have followed the instructions here and have your software pointing to more than one license server then it should fail-over and you *should* not be affected
  • Now, if you only have specified as your license server and you’ll need access to GIS during the outage time then you will be affected and need to take action by specifying an alternate or fail-over license server. Instructions can be found here: