Use this form for requesting technical support for ESRI products.

The University of Washington's site license with ESRI does not allow individual users to contact ESRI for technical support of any kind; all support requests must come from only designated individuals at the UW (currently Luke Rogers, Rob Norheim, and Aaron Chevront, and Phil Hurvitz). If you try contacting ESRI directly for technical support, they will refuse to support you. If you want technical support for ESRI products, there are a few options:

  1. In order to learn how to use ESRI software, you can get training.
  2. If you have some knowledge of ESRI software and are looking for specific guidance on particular commands or analyses, you can subscribe to UW-GIS-L and post questions using that forum.
  3. If software "broken," that is, the software is throwing errors that are due to software bugs rather than user error, you can use this form to request technical support. Please note that there specific instructions to follow and specific information that is needed. Failure to follow these instructions may result in your request being ignored.
  4. You may also use this form to report software enhancement requests.

If you do not include a sufficiently detailed explanation of your problem in the command, error, supporting file, or additional explanation, your request will be IGNORED. You will need to provide information in the form "I did X, and expected Y, but got Z."