2011 ESRI International User Conference

It is once again time to dole out the registrations to the ESRI user conference. One can't really beat "70 hours to hear brilliant ideas shared by leaders and peers."

Conference details:


To request a registration:


Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, Second Edition, Updated for ArcGIS 10


Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology GIS Workshops

CSDE (Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology) offers several 3-hour GIS workshops every quarter, on a variety of topics and at a variety of skill levels, which are free to UW students, staff and faculty:



Some changes are underway at gis.washington.edu that may affect you

Some changes are underway at gis.washington.edu that may affect you.

In mid December the hardware hosting gis.washington.edu started to fail.

I've moved the content over to a different machine to provide stopgap coverage. Some of the content at gis.washington.edu may stay there, but most, if not all, of the interactive content will be migrating to depts.washington.edu/arcgis. That includes any forms associated with the ESRI site license, such as off-campus license requests, virtual campus

A New Site for ArcGIS Information at the UW

We're working on a new information portal for GIS related information at UW - especially related to the ESRI ArcGIS Site License. Stay tuned...!


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