The UW-GIS-L listserv is an open, unmoderated e-mail list for discussion of issues relating to Spatial Information Technology, GIS, and Remote Sensing. Any issues related to GIS can be discussed, such as

  • "How do I ...,"
  • "Where can I find ...,"
  • "What do I need to do ...,"
  • "Here's a tip I would like to share ..."

Topics may include discussion of hardware, software, and data.

The listserv will also be the main method of announcing software arrivals/updates at the University of Washington.

This listserv is primarily for the University of Washington community, but is open to any subscriber.

ONLY SUBSCRIBERS MAY POST TO THIS LIST. If you have subscribed but your posts are rejected, check to see that you are sending mail from the same account you ssubscribed with. For example, if you subscribed with the address and you are trying to send messages from your post will be rejected.

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Every posting should begin with a clear introduction to the topic, or offer some kind of reference to the topic or a previous posting. There are often several threads of discussion going on simultaneously, which makes unreferenced postings confusing to readers. A popular way of providing context is to quote verbatim from the original message. However, keep the quotations short and relevant. Quoting whole messages, signatures and all, can be inconsiderate.

UW-GIS-L is an unmoderated list. This means that what members post goes directly to the membership. We want this list to remain uncensored, so please keep you messages to the purpose of the list as stated above. Members whose messages do not meet minimum expectations will be notified, and may be excluded permanently from future participation.

UW-GIS-L is not to be used for unsolicited marketing of goods or services. Subscribers who post unsolicited marketing messages will be banned from the list without warning. Information about goods or services in support of previous postings are just fine.

Just as it is important to try to share public information with the whole group, private correspondence should remain just that -- private. Send personal messages directly to individuals, not by way of this list.

If you find something posted on the list objectionable, you have every right to voice your objections -- but not in public. Please express your complaints directly to the person responsible. If enough complaints are received, it is unlikely that the offender will post those kinds of things again. You can also, of course, simply discard (not read) all mail from an offending writer