Veteran's Day

To remember and honor the veterans who have served our nation, the battalion participates in an outdoor wreath-laying ceremony at the UW Medal of Honor Memorial on the University of Washington campus. Afterward, an Open House is held by cadets and cadre at Clark Hall.

Military Ball

The Military Ball is our formal social event of the winter. The cadre, cadets, UW faculty, families, and friends join together to celebrate various accomplishments and usher in a new year at a formal dinner. Guests are served a formal meal and have the opportunity to hear reflections from a distinguished guest speaker. The formal portion of the evening is closed out by introducing the dancing portion of the evening.

Cadet Orientation Week

To kick off the school year and usher in all of the new cadets, the battalion has instituted an orientation week (also known as COW). COW activities include issuing uniforms and equipment, introduction to the cadet and Army rank structure, a campus tour, an assessment of physical fitness, and meeting the cadre members.