The performance of cadets will be evaluated at all levels by examining grades, physical fitness, tactical knowledge, and demonstrated leadership ability. These evaluations serve to produce a nationwide ranking of cadets in an order-of-merit list (OML). The OML is an important consideration of every cadet in the program as it is the primary determining factor in branch selection. The Army is divided into a variety of occupation branches to which cadets vary in their preferences. A higher rank on the OML increases the probability of acquiring your top choice. Branch selections are usually posted in the fall of a cadets 400 level year.


UW AROTC regularly conducts physical training from 0615-0730 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. An afternoon session (1430-1530) is offered as an alternative PT time. Objectives of this training is to develop physical fitness of our cadets so they can meet and exceed physical fitness requirements. As a 300 level cadet, you will be given a turn to compose and implement PT plans for a week. Lower level classes may also be given an opportunity to lead (usually during the afternoon sessions).


UW AROTC conducts Leadership Labs (LLABs) from 0600-0730 each Thursday morning. The focus of the training varies from week to week, each session building your tactical skills or preparing for larger training exercises. Later in the year, when the battalion has a collective measure of tactical competency, 300 level cadets will be evaluated during LLABs as they lead 45 missions designed by the 400 level cadets. LLAB days are also uniform days during which cadets are required to wear throughout. Cadets can register for LLABs like any other course in the curriculum.


Each quarter, UW AROTC conducts day and night land navigation training in Fort Lewis, Washington. Cadets will utilize prior classroom instruction on map reading, terrain association, the coordinate system, and the compass to find a series of points/markers in the Fort Lewis woods.


Each quarter, the UW AROTC program conducts a lengthy field training exercise (FTX) over the course of one weekend. Fall quarter focuses as an introduction to the program and encompasses events such as land navigation, rappelling, the swim test, obstacle/confidence courses, and electronically assisted marksmanship. The winter quarter FTX serves as the first test of 300 level cadets in their tactical leadership over a variety of missions, battle drills, and variables. The spring FTX serves as a capstone experience to the year's tactical exercises, emphasizing platoon-level leadership and missions. Each FTX is conducted on the training grounds and facilities of Fort Lewis.


During the winter and spring quarters, the battalion spends one day on the M16 rifle range on Fort Lewis to practice skills in basic rifle marksmanship.