Closed Claims Project and Its Registries photo montage


The Closed Claims Project and its Registries are scientific studies of adverse anesthetic outcomes. The Closed Claims Project and its Registries are collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that work to identify safety concerns in anesthesia, patterns of injury, and develop strategies for prevention in order to improve patient safety. The initiative consists of the Closed Claims Project and its attendant Registries, the Anesthesia Awareness Registry, and the Neurologic Injury after Non-Supine Shoulder Surgery (NINS) Registry. The project also consists of two closed Registries, the Postoperative Visual Loss Registry and the Pediatric Perioperative Cardiac Arrest (POCA) Registry. The Closed Claims Project initiated a pilot Shared Decision-Making Project which implemented a shared decision-making process for orthopaedic surgery procedures at University of Washington Medicine. Lessons learned in the orthopaedic pilot informed a pilot shared decision-making project in the Pre-anesthesia Clinic at University of Washington Medicine, which included the development and testing of anesthesia decision aids.

The goals of these initiatives are to provide information and services to the ASA membership and the broader community.

Note to Patients

Information and data from these studies are primarily designed to aid physicians in improving their clinical practice. We are sorry we cannot address individual patient questions or provide medical or legal advice.