Closed Claims Project and Its Registries photo montage


The Anesthesia Closed Claims Project and its Registries are collaborative multidisciplinary projects. In light of this, the Project is always open to, and in search of, opportunities to collaborate with a diverse range of partners. As an example, if a research question as part of a data request requires more complex analysis than is available through the data request service, then collaboration with the project team may be an option. Also, if you are a non-anesthesiologist interested in multidisciplinary collaboration possibilities please contact the research team.

Any research interest that will result in public dissemination beyond educational, quality improvement, and risk management activities requires prior approval and ongoing collaboration and review.

If you are interested in engaging in a collaborative project, contact:

Karen B. Domino, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Anesthesia Closed Claims Project
Professor, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
University of Washington