Ascidian News*
Number 31 October 1991
Charles and Gretchen Lambert
Department of Biological Science
California State University
Fullerton, California 92634
(714)773-3481 Fax (714)773-3426

The new references on research with our favorite organisms continue to arrive at a most impressive rate. It looks like everybody is getting a great deal of work done these days. We greatly appreciate getting copies of the papers along with the references.

The summer passed all to quickly at Friday Harbor with teaching and research. Charley further characterized the nature of the attachment of enzymes to the egg surface and Gretchen worked on a new paper on the ulotrastructure of mineralization. Mauro Pavao and his wife returned to Brazil in July after completing an interesting study on sulfated polysacharides in adult and larval ascidians here in our lab in Fullerton. We greatly enjoyed getting to know Mauro and Luciana and hope to visit Rio de Janeiro before too long. We plan to attend the western Society of Naturalists meetings in Sant Barbara after Christmas and hope to see many of you there.

*Ascidian News is not part of the scientific literature and should not be cited as such.


George Mackie elected Fellow of the Royal Society. George Mackie from the University of Victoria has our congratulations on being made a fellow of the Royal Society for his many contributions to our understanding of the biology ascidians and other marine organisms including sponges and cnidarians. Over a period of many years George has repeatedly made major discoveries on the basic function of these organisms. He has traveled the world to find the right organism for each investigation and has also served as mentor to many leading zoologists. We feel privileged to see him most summers at Friday Harbor.

New Book on Ascidians Released. Claude and Francoise Monniot sent us a copy of their new book with photographer Pierre Laboute "Coral Reef Ascidians of New Caledonia". This book is lavishly illustrated with beautiful color plates, line drawings, and black and white plates. The work is more than a taxonomic treatise on the ascidians of New Caledonia; it contains chapters on basic anatomy, modes of budding, spicules, pigments, ecology, symbiosis, predation, fouling, use as food and source of drugs. Along with all of this, the portion describing the fauna has extensive well-illustrated keys which should be very useful for identification of ascidians from other areas to genus. We are sure that all of our readers will be delighted to have a copy of this for themselves and their libraries. "Coral Reef Ascidians of New Caledonia" by Claude Monniot, Francoise Monniot and Pierre Laboute, 1991 248 p. 150 color pictures ISBN: 2-7009-1050-0 can be ordered directly from the publisher for 300 FF / 52 $ U.S. Editions de l'Orstrom, 72 route d'Aulnay, 93143 Bondy cedex, France.

Bill Bates to teach course on Urochordates. Bill Bates from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6, will teach a class on the biology of urochordates at the Bamfield Marine Station on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The waters near this marine station contain many fascinating ascidians including the direct developing Molgula pacifica and a new species of Molgula. See the reference by Bates and Mallet on development of Molgula in the new papers list. Write directly to Bill for more information on the course.

Outstanding Paper Awards to go Ascidiologists. Brian Bingham won a best paper award and Cate Hurlbut recieved an honorable mention for their presentations on ascidians at the Western Society of Zoologists meetings in Monterey California last December. Their abstracts can be found in AN # 30.

Correction: Dr. Patricia Kott brought to our attention that we had erred in stating that Part 2 of the Australian Ascidiacea was the final volume of this beautifully illustrated treatise. It was actually only the first third of the aplousobranchs with the Polyclinidae (part3) and Didemnidae (part 4) yet to appear. Our congratulations on this major accoplisment still hold, and we look forward to parts 3 and 4. Australia seems remarkably blessed by having such a rich fauna and Dr. Kott to sort it all out.

For complete abstracts of ascidian papers presented at the following recent meetings request copy of AN31.

3rd Intl. Congress of Comp. Physiol. & Biochem., Tokyo Met. Univ., Aug. 25-30, 1991.

61st Annual Meeting, Zool. Soc. of Japan, Oct. 3-5, 1990. Niigata, Japan. Published in Zool. Sci. 7, Dec. 1990.


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