The CLUE Team

Front Desk Managers

Julie Loh

Hi! My name is Julie and I’m one of the front desk managers at CLUE! I’m currently a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Psychology and Biology. I love volunteering and being a part of the UW community! I can definitely say that my time here at UW so far has been amazing, even through the craziness of exams. The people here are the best!

 Some fun things I like to do are play video games (I’m more of a Nintendo and Playstation girl), crochet stuffed animals, dance, draw, and waste time on the internet. One of my favorite parts of being the front desk manager is refilling the candy bowl. It makes me so happy to see so much sugar in one huge bowl! Come talk to me when you see me around! 

Sera Wang

Hey-O! My name is Sera Wang and I'm one of the fun-filled front desk mangers at Clue! I am currently majoring in American Ethnic Studies and minoring in Music. If you are interested in any of those subjects, feel free to come talk to me! Also, I have recently discovered a passion for rock climbing, biking, running, and hiking. The adrenaline rush from completing a difficult work out wins me over every time. So if you see me on the road or on a mountain, don't be afraid to join me!

I carry on the lifestyle of an owl, so feel free to walk over to my desk at any time of the night and I will surprise you with an overly energetic conversation for such sleepy hours! I am incredibly excited to manage the candy bowl at Clue to say the least. If the candy bowl ever gets low, I will take full responsibility. Can't wait to meet you!

Lead Tutors

Ryan Carlson

Lead Chemistry Tutor

"Hello, I’m Ryan and I am the Lead Chemistry tutor here at CLUE. This will be my third year at UW, and as of now I am double majoring in Neurobiology and Biochemistry with plans to go to medical school. I grew up in Puyallup, WA, where I spent most of my time hanging out with friends, hiking, camping, and swimming (and still do here in Seattle).

Once I got to UW, I really had to buckle down and learn how to study. After the sink or swim first quarter of freshman year, I started to figure out how to balance everything and make college life work (at least what works for me). I started working at CLUE because I felt that I could help fellow students not only with their actual chemistry classes, but also with college in general.

Anyway, if you have questions about chemistry, or anything really, definitely feel free to stop by CLUE. All of the CLUE tutors are doing interesting things and going exciting places with their education, so odds are that someone here is doing exactly what you plan to do and can help you out along the way. It’s also just a really cool place to study since help is always available if you want it, but we’ll leave you alone if you don’t."

Charlotte Dubiel

Lead Writing Center Tutor

Charlotte originally applied to be a writing tutor at CLUE to find out what students were writing about across campus, but stayed for the candy…

In truth, CLUE has been the cornerstone of Charlotte’s campus involvement as an undergraduate. Many of her colleagues in the Writing Center study English and early childhood education. Learning from them served as the impetus for her to become a tutor in the Seattle Public Schools through Pipeline Project and a peer tutor/mentor for the EDUC department. She is currently a senior preparing to complete a double major in Spanish and International Studies. Beginning last year, she has had the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge honed in the Writing Center to her position as an editor for the Jackson School Journal of International Studies, thereby linking a passion for writing with her academic first love.

Charlotte is delighted to serve as the Writing Center’s lead tutor for the 2013/14 academic year. She is looking forward to reaching out to students in Mary Gates Hall and beyond through traditional one-to-one sessions and workshops that are tailored to student’s contemporary needs. Her favorite writing center moment is the brainstorming session that concludes with a student composing a killer thesis that they cannot wait to investigate and confirm or, as the case often is, re-write. Charlotte especially loves the research paper writing process, expanding her knowledge-base in every direction before settling on a paper topic. And yes, she still begins research in the library, checking out paper-and-paste books (thank you, UW libraries!)

Charlotte is a singer, a dancer, a teacher and above all a student. Her favorite way to explore a new city is alone, eating the local pastry, on foot.

See you in MGH!

Chloe Huber

Lead Math Tutor

Hello! My name is Chloe and I am the Lead Math Tutor at CLUE. I graduated with degrees in Ceramics and Math from the UW and when I was a student I always came to CLUE to do my math homework. I really appreciated the help I got from the tutors there and would love to help you with any questions you may have. Even if you don't have any questions, come eat candy and make study buddies! My life outside of CLUE is spent making plates and cups, doing more math tutoring, and planning a 3 year circumnavigation via sailboat.

Ryan Beaty

Lead Physics Tutor

Hello, my name is Ryan Beaty and I am the lead physics tutor for CLUE. I graduated in Spring 2013 majoring in Physics and Astronomy. I am also currently working in the Optical Engineering field in addition to working at CLUE. If you are interested in anything science related (especially Physics and Astronomy) I am more than willing to talk about it!

I understand how daunting physics can be.. well, really science subjects in general. I believe the best approach is to work hard and really engage oneself in the subject matter. One of the many reasons why I first became a CLUE tutor was to better understand the subject, and there is really no better way than to teach others! I really believe the CLUE space is great not only to get some much needed help on problems from tutors, but also to meet likeminded people that you would otherwise not have a chance to meet in class.

Outside of tutoring physics and doing engineering things, I like to rock climb. You can usually find me at Seattle Bouldering Projects, or on a sunny day near north bend scaling the cliffs. I really enjoy the outdoors, even if my jobs require me to spend the majority of time indoors. Balance in life is everything! 

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