Our Team

Front Desk Managers

Terra Hoy

I am a queer transwoman of color, passionate about feminism. I want to continue develop a holistic, realistic vision of public health and help fill in gaps within the health-care support for queer and transgender folks, as well as other underprivileged populations. I also have a passion for learning about contemporary issues with minority groups like people of color, gender and sex minorities, those physically/mentally challenged, and those socially displaced to name a few. I care a lot about intersectionality, and thus acknowledge that queer and transgender inequalities are issues not often isolated. I am proud to say that my career pathway will help me become a leader, pushing for equality and hopefully equity. For me, this starts at CLUE.

While I myself am not a tutor, I as one of the front desk managers work with other leads and directors in order to facilitate an environment which promotes education and learning at independent and social levels. My partner Nala and I assist in coordinating these teaching grounds to contribute to the academic success of other students, thus improving social mobility for undergraduate students. The role of education is powerful in that it closes the gaps in inequality. To me, CLUE is thus a pipeline towards equality and I am honored to be in the presence of my peers and other students.

Oh, and I also really like Pokémon. 


Nala Williams

I'm a Front Desk Queen, stationery enthusiast, and future cat lady. At the UW, I study Anthropology and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. My academic passions include ethical archeology, learning languages, and making academia accessible to marginalized communities and in non-academic spaces, and stressing about school. Traveling, reading, blogging, scrapbooking, and Netflix are some of my hobbies.

As a Front Desk Manager of CLUE, my goal is to create a space where students feel comfortable to ask questions, feel more confident in their studies, and have a relaxed environment conducive to learning. Feel free to ask me about studying abroad, double majoring, learning Arabic, and the UW Interdisciplinary Honors Program!

Lead Tutors

Caitlin Lowe

Lead Writing Center Tutor

Hi there! My name is Caitlin Lowe, I'm a Graduate student in UW's English Department. I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley, and I am new to Seattle this year. So far, I am loving all the rain, trees, and Seahawks fans in this city. As a graduate student, I am interested in examining authorial voice in popular English Renaissance pamphlets by late 1590s/early 1600s writers such as Greene, Nash, Dekker, and Deloney . I am involved in the Textual Studies program here and want to learn more about how I can use digital humanities to conduct research. 

But even more than doing research and reading old dusty books, I love teaching and tutoring. That's why I'm so excited to be CLUE's Writing Center Lead and work with a team of tutors who love it just as much as I do. So if you're struggling with a paper, getting a head start on brainstorming your next one, or just want to develop your writing skills, come see us at Mary Gates Hall, and we'll help you get excited about writing. ​​​

Jesse Ashworth

Lead Math Tutor

Hey fellow Huskies!  My name is Jesse and I'm the lead math tutor for CLUE.  I'm an undergrad, double majoring in math and physics and minoring in chemistry.  I'm one of those nerdy guys who wonders exactly how the universe works, and I aspire to study mathematical and theoretical physics to help find some answers and share them with the world.  If you're at all into that sort of thing, or anything related to math, physics, and/or research, I'd be happy to chat with you about it!

One of the things I love about math tutoring is witnessing first-hand the light bulb going off in a student's head when he or she comes to a clearer understanding of a concept.  Math can be very challenging, but I think that the challenges involved can be overcome with dedication and a positive mindset.  If you think you can get better at math and you apply yourself and seek help when you need it, you WILL get better, and perhaps come to enjoy math more as a result!  CLUE is an awesome resource to help you with this process; when I'm not tutoring, I go to CLUE to study and get tutored myself!

Outside of school and tutoring, I love to watch anime, read manga, surf the internet, and bury myself in a good fantasy/sci-fi book.  I'm a huge Pokémon fanatic and have been since I was little, so I'm always excited to meet other Pokémon fans!

Albert Nguyen

Lead Chemistry Tutor

This is Albert, a recent graduate from the University of Washington's Bioengineering program. He began working at CLUE during fall quarter of his Junior year and this will be his third year working as a Chem tutor. He loves working here as he gets to actively mold the untempered minds of uninitiated undergraduates but gets really annoyed when he has to write about himself in the third person.

Albert enjoys swimming, hiking, climbing, and occasionally humming the battle theme to Gundam Wing in his spare time. Obviously he is a very physically active individual and thus he is currently training for a Netflix marathon. It is his goal to become a project manager at a big biotech company when he grows up. Feel free to bring him your questions regarding chemistry, bioengineering, or life.

(Several years ago he discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down.)

Kevin Cutler

Lead Physics Tutor

I am the lead physics tutor at CLUE and I love every minute of it. Physics and mathematics consume most of my life, and teaching these subjects is something for which I have great passion. I plan to do continue this work as a graduate student and, inevitably, as a professor and researcher in physics. 

The little free time that I have is spent painting, sculpting, 3D modeling, and 3D printing. Come visit CLUE's math team to play with some quadric surfaces that I made! Physical representations of mathematical abstractions delight me more than almost anything else, which is likely why I enjoy physics to the extent that I do. The only more rewarding activity is helping someone else understand those concepts!

Picture coming soon.


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