Our Team

Front Desk Managers

Julie Loh

Hi! My name is Julie and I’m one of the front desk managers at CLUE! I’m currently a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Psychology and Biology. I love volunteering and being a part of the UW community! I can definitely say that my time here at UW so far has been amazing, even through the craziness of exams. The people here are the best!

 Some fun things I like to do are play video games (I’m more of a Nintendo and Playstation girl), crochet stuffed animals, dance, draw, and waste time on the internet. One of my favorite parts of being the front desk manager is refilling the candy bowl. It makes me so happy to see so much sugar in one huge bowl! Come talk to me when you see me around! 

Sera Wang

Hey-O! My name is Sera Wang and I'm one of the fun-filled front desk mangers at Clue! I am currently majoring in American Ethnic Studies and minoring in Music. If you are interested in any of those subjects, feel free to come talk to me! Also, I have recently discovered a passion for rock climbing, biking, running, and hiking. The adrenaline rush from completing a difficult work out wins me over every time. So if you see me on the road or on a mountain, don't be afraid to join me!

I carry on the lifestyle of an owl, so feel free to walk over to my desk at any time of the night and I will surprise you with an overly energetic conversation for such sleepy hours! I am incredibly excited to manage the candy bowl at Clue to say the least. If the candy bowl ever gets low, I will take full responsibility. Can't wait to meet you!

Lead Tutors

Margaret Bruce

Lead Chemistry Tutor

Below is my bio feel free to edit or change something as I could not get onto the bios from the website form last year.  Also if you want a better picture I will try and take one in the next few days but I could not find something very recent.

Hello my name is Margaret and I’ve been a chemistry tutor at CLUE for the past three years.  I graduated from UW in June of 2013 with departmental honors in biochemistry and a minor in chemistry and diversity.  I currently work a full time job at Seattle Children’s as a clinical research associate. 

You would think as a chemistry tutor that I’ve always had an interest in chemistry, but I did not develop my appreciation until I started taking organic chemistry and biochemistry.  In these classes I began to see the concepts I learned in general chemistry such as buffers, bonding, and equilibrium translate into biological effects in the human body.  Ever since this realization I’ve gained a new love and interest in chemistry.  As a tutor I enjoy showing students the real life applications of basic chemical concepts we all take for granted.  For instance understanding the structure of DNA would have never been possible unless we first understand the properties of a bond and especially hydrogen bonding.

Feel free to ask me about what life is like after graduation or if you are interested in medical or graduate school.  If you want a break from your schoolwork I’m also happy to show you pictures of my foster cats/kittens.  I have numerous stories about them and several photos that I love to show everyone.  I know you will enjoy studying and learning at CLUE and cannot wait to see you there.

Caitlin Lowe

Lead Writing Center Tutor

Hi there! My name is Caitlin Lowe, I'm a Graduate student in UW's English Department. I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley, and I am new to Seattle this year. So far, I am loving all the rain, trees, and Seahawks fans in this city. As a graduate student, I am interested in examining authorial voice in popular English Renaissance pamphlets by late 1590s/early 1600s writers such as Greene, Nash, Dekker, and Deloney . I am involved in the Textual Studies program here and want to learn more about how I can use digital humanities to conduct research. 


But even more than doing research and reading old dusty books, I love teaching and tutoring. That's why I'm so excited to be CLUE's Writing Center Lead and work with a team of tutors who love it just as much as I do. So if you're struggling with a paper, getting a head start on brainstorming your next one, or just want to develop your writing skills, come see us at Mary Gates Hall, and we'll help you get excited about writing. ​​​

Jesse Ashworth

Lead Math Tutor

Hey fellow Huskies!  My name is Jesse and I'm the lead math tutor for CLUE.  I'm an undergrad, double majoring in math and physics and minoring in chemistry.  I'm one of those nerdy guys who wonders exactly how the universe works, and I aspire to study mathematical and theoretical physics to help find some answers and share them with the world.  If you're at all into that sort of thing, or anything related to math, physics, and/or research, I'd be happy to chat with you about it!


One of the things I love about math tutoring is witnessing first-hand the light bulb going off in a student's head when he or she comes to a clearer understanding of a concept.  Math can be very challenging, but I think that the challenges involved can be overcome with dedication and a positive mindset.  If you think you can get better at math and you apply yourself and seek help when you need it, you WILL get better, and perhaps come to enjoy math more as a result!  CLUE is an awesome resource to help you with this process; when I'm not tutoring, I go to CLUE to study and get tutored myself!


Outside of school and tutoring, I love to watch anime, read manga, surf the internet, and bury myself in a good fantasy/sci-fi book.  I'm a huge Pokémon fanatic and have been since I was little, so I'm always excited to meet other Pokémon fans!

Thao Nguyen

Lead Physics Tutor


Hello, my name is Thao Nguyen and I am the Lead Physics tutor at CLUE study center. I am a senior undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering department.

I love the nature of science and love seeing how it is applicable to human life. I understand it might be a daunting topic sometimes but I love chatting about it with others and consequently we can both appreciate the beauty of it. That’s the reason why I wanted to become a tutor at CLUE where I can talk about science all the time.

I started working at CLUE the end of my freshman year and I love my job. I enjoy helping fellow students not only on their academic work but also with college in general. About CLUE, it is a great place for group studying, meeting other college friends, and getting help from our lovely tutors. We have an amazing and enthusiastic Physics tutor team here and they are super excited to help you out. Hence, please feel free to stop by CLUE if you have any question about Physics, Chemical Engineering or anything college-related.

See you at CLUE!


Fab Four

Jessica Tsang

Computer Science
Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
I'm excited about: Computer Science, Physics
I've taken:

Cse: 14x, 142, 143, 154, 311, 312, 331, 332, 341, 351, 352

Ask me about: Tango, swing, and blues dancing, longboarding, fire spinning, SWE, ACM-W

Kyle Schura

Major: M.Ed. Leadership in Higher Education Candidate
Year: 1st Year Graduate Student
I'm excited about: Working directly with students, learning about and helping others overcome barriers to success in the collegiate environment
I've taken:

BIOL 100, 106, 118, 119, 180, 200, 220, 302, 340, 350, 354, 355, 356

Ask me about: Doctor Who, bacon blowtorches, Iowa, video games

Sky Riedel

Major: Economics
Year: Graduated 2012
I'm excited about: Environmental Economics, Market Structure and Public Policy
I've taken:

Econ 200, Econ 201, Econ 300

Ask me about: Music, Studied Abroad in France, Taught Abroad in France, Czech Rep., Korea

Xiaoxiao Li

Major: Statistics
Year: Senior
I'm excited about: Distributions, Regression
I've taken:

STAT 220, 311, 340, 341, 342  Q SCI 381

Ask me about: Hiking, Swimming, Piano Playing


Stefhany Guadarrama

Conversation Group Leader
Major: Math
Year: Senior
I'm excited about: Anything about education, traveling, cultures, television and entertainment!
I've taken:

Studied/interned abroad in Leon, Spain teaching conversational English and learned more about teaching in general. Currently I am taking EDC&I 474 – Multi-ethnic Studies.

Ask me about: Playing/Watching sports, reading, hiking, shopping, watching tv and movies.

Tayler Hentges

Major: Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology
Year: Graduated 2015
I'm excited about: Grammar, writing style and pronunciation.
I've taken:

Spanish 103, 201, 202, 203, 301, 302, 303, 321, 322, 323, and 395.

Ask me about: Video games, FIG program, study abroad.

Xingyue (Eugenia) Yang

Major: Informatics & International Studies
Year: Junior
I'm excited about: Oral Chinese Practice
I've taken:

All Chinese classes

Ask me about: Hiking, Speech and Debate Society at UW, UW Student Philanthropy Program, Taiwanese Students Association, Associated Students of University of Washington




Gail Parsons

Major: Psychology BA
Year: Graduated '14
I'm excited about: research papers, personal statements, persuasive writing/argument, presentations, speeches, writing in the social sciences/arts generally, communicating with people about their ideas (brainstorming).
I've taken:

wide variety of PSYCH classes, other social sciences as electives (EDUC, HIST, COM, ECFS, ENGL, SOC, SPHSC)

Ask me about: tea, naturopathy, art, disability related issues, study strategies, social work (community building, advocacy/activism, human rights, quality of life)... for PSYCH: teaching assistant, research assistant, community internship, customer service.

Johnson Deng

Major: English with a Writing Emphasis
Year: Senior
I'm excited about: : literature, fiction writing, international studies, law societies justice, geography, history, art, and astronomy
I've taken:

English (Any level); other subjects pertaining to written matter and form

Ask me about: TEDx U of W (2013), Humans of UW, Bureau of Fearless Ideas (intern), UW Husky Leadership Initiative, FIG program

Nicole Shermer

Major: International Studies
Year: Senior
I'm excited about: Resumes, Personal Statements, Applications for Majors/ Graduate School, Art History Papers, Speech Writing, Psychology Research Papers, Chicago Style Format
I've taken:

: I enjoy working on structure, style, and expression for all writing types, but I particularly enjoy working with fiction 

Ask me about: languages, travel (I have been to Peru, Vietnam, Mexico, France, Italy, and the U.K.), art, working in oil, acrylic, graphite, and pastel, skiing, ONE Campaign, ONE Chapter at UW