Mission & Values

We work to provide academic support to the full range of UW undergraduates. CLUE, the Center for Learning & Undergraduate Enrichment, brings students who might not otherwise interact academically and socially into vibrant learning communities with shared academic goals.

These are central aspects of our work:

Organic Learning Communities 
We work to promote the growth and development of student learning communities that are based on shared needs, interests, and mutual investment in academic success.

Concept-Based Academic Support 
Concept-based academic support creates independent learners who are able to drive their own academic progress.

Team Teaching 
Our tutors join a community of learners when they come to work at CLUE; we consider team-teaching to be a core part of our educational philosophy.

Respect for the Individual
We empower learners by meeting them at their current skill level while encouraging them to take risks and accept challenges.