Students and faculty at Yellowstone National Park on the Fall 2015 UWAB workshop.
Graduate student Elena Amador at the NASA Nordic Astrobiology Summer School in Iceland
Graduate Student Giada Arney at Shark Bay in Western Australia. Shark Bay is home to living stromatolites, photosynthetic microbial mats that exist in the fossil record as early as 3.5 billion years ago.
Graduate student Brett Morris at Yellowstone National Park's Grand Prismatic Spring, studying the microbes that lend the spring its bright colors.

Welcome to Astrobiology at the University of Washington

UWAB Headlines


Lupita Tovar featured in UW A&S newsletter!

Guadalupe (Lupita) Tovar was featured in the latest University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences' newsletter. Congrats! MORE>


Please welcome our newest AB program students!

Please join us in congratulating Guadalupe Tovar, Dominic Sivitilli, and Zachary Cohen for being admitted to the University of Washington's Astrobiology program. Guadalupe will pursue a Dual-Title PhD in Astronomy and Astrobiology, and Dominic (Psychology) and Zachary (Chemistry) will be pursuing the Certificate.  MORE>


Sholes publishes paper on anoxic atmospheres

AB graduate student Steven Sholes is the lead author of a paper that uses a one-dimensional photochemical model to consider whether plausible volcanic gas fluxes could have switched the redox-state of the past martian atmosphere to reducing conditions. Other authors include UWAB alumni Meg Smith and Mark Claire and AB Faculty Professor Catling.  MORE>


Michael Diamond and Andrew Lincowski win NASA graduate fellowships


Congratulations to Brett Morris for passing his general exam!

Brett Morris presented his work "Physics of the Solar Dynamo and the Solar Cycle" on June 5, 2017, and successfully became a PhD Candidate. Congrats! MORE>


Re-watch Dr. Guillem Anglada-Escude's public lecture

If you missed our annual AB public lecture, do not fret!  MORE>


Ty Robinson accepts Assistant Professorship at NAU!

Dr. Tyler Robinson has been offered the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University. He will be building a research group in exoplanets, planetary atmospheres, and astrobiology and will be working with both undergraduate and graduate students at NAU. Additionally, Dr. Robinson will be teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in atmospheric physics, exoplanets, and astrobiology.   MORE>


Congrats to Osa Igbinosun for passing her general!

Osa has officially moved Doctoral Candidate after successfully passing her general exam on April 20. She gave a presentation on her work, "ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization) Strategies: Characterization of Mars analog soils with high frequency microwave radiation to invetigate subsurface water extraction applications." MORE>


The 2017 Spring Colloquium Lineup Announced

Hello everyone! We have a super exiciting lineup of speakers this quarter for all your Astrobiology needs. Check out the full schedule! MORE>


Proxima Centauri b: A World of Possibilities

Tickets are available NOW! MORE>


Lakewood High School visits UWAB!

Thanks Lakewood High and UWAB volunteer speakers for al lthe Astrobiology fun! MORE>


Congratulations to Elena Amador for successfully defending her thesis!

On February 3, Elena defender her dissertation titled "Characterizing Habitable Environments on Mars using Infrared Spectroscopy From Orbit" to earn her dual PhD in Earth and Space Sciences and Astrobiology. Many congratulations on this huge accomplishment!  MORE>


The Fall 2016 Newsletter is Here!

Check out the Fall 2016 Newsletter to learn about what our students and faculty have been up to these past couple of months!  MORE>


Josh Krissansen-Totton passes his general examination

Josh Krissansen-Totton presented his work “From Earth to Exoplanets: Atmospheric biosignatures and biogeochemical controls on habitability” on December 1, 2016. Congratulations on becoming a doctoral candidate! MORE>


Matt Koehler passes his general exam!

Congratulations to Matt Koehler for passing his general examination on October 18, 2016. Matt presented his work “The Co-Evolution of Earth's Nitrogen Cycle and Surface Redox Conditions” and is now a doctoral candidate. MORE>


Dr. Eva Stueeken becomes Research Fellow at U. of St Andrews!

AB alumna Dr. Eva Stueeken will start in January as a University Research Fellow (transitioning into a Lecturer after three years) in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of St. Andrews. Her role involves teaching, and she will be also set up a lab for sulfur, carbon, nitrogen, and selenium isotope geochemistry. She plans to continue working on environmental proxies and biosignatures in the Precambrian, but using new samples and some new techniques.  MORE>


Dr. Jeff Bowman is now Professor Bowman!

AB graduate Jeff Bowman has been hired to a faculty position in the Integrative Oceanography Division at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. He will use genomic tools and other methods to explore microbial ecosystem function in the global ocean, and will continue to use this knowledge to better understand the habitability of Europa and other ocean worlds in our solar system. He's an active member of the NASA Roadmaps to Ocean Worlds (ROW) working group, he's on the steering committee of NASA’s Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG), and was a contributing author on the recently published Astrobiology Primer (along with an impressive number of other UW Astrobiology alumni and affiliates).  MORE>


Check out photos from the UWAB workshop in Mt. Rainier

Check out the amazing photos AB student Jake Lustig-Yaeger took during this year's AB Workshop MORE>


Professor Sharon Doty promoted to Full Professor!

Effective September 16, 2016, UWAB faculty member Sharon Doty from the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences was promoted from Associate to Full Professor. Since receiving tenure in 2009, she has published 22 peer-reviewed articles and 12 book chapters and reviews. She chairs a United Nations program on the use of poplar and willow trees for environmental applications such as bioenergy, pollutant removal, and waterway protection. Dr. Doty is deeply committed to teaching and mentoring students, having mentored nine PhD students, more than 65 undergraduates, and regularly includes undergraduates in her research. All in all, Dr. Doty has established herself as a pioneering and devoted researcher, teacher, and mentor. MORE>


Congratulations to Drs. Giada Arney, Jaci Saunders, and Eddie Schwieterman!

Three of our Astrobiology doctoral candidates are graduating this year after successfully defending their dissertations. Congratulations and good luck! Giada Arney (Astronomy & Astrobiology) will be starting a NPP appointment at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Jaci Saunders (Oceanography & Astrobiology) will be finishing her research and papers in progress before starting her postdoctorate career Eddie Schwieterman (Astronomy & Astrobiology) will be starting his NPP at UC Riverside MORE>


Steven Sholes passes his general exam!

Congratulations to Steven Sholes for passing his general exam on August 16 and officially obtaining his doctoral candidacy. Steven presented his work “Global habitability of environments on past Mars”, looking at oceans, volcanoes, and floods on Mars and their implications to potential habitability.  MORE>