Astrobiology Colloquium

Welcome to the Autumn 2018 Autumn Astrobiology Colloquium Series!
UWAB hosts a biannual colloquium series every spring and fall, featuring speakers from both UW and other institutions presenting on a wide range of astrobiology related topics. Here, you can find the schedule for upcoming colloquia and seminars, as well as an archive of abstracts and live recordings of past events.
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**All Presentations this Quarter will be Held on Tuesdays at 3pm in the Physics and Astronomy Auditorium (PAA) Room A118**


Date Speaker Title of Talk


Carol Paty - University of Oregon


"Probing the Interior of Europa: Magnetic Fields and Plasma and Radio Waves, oh my!"


Erika Harnett - University of Washington


"An integrated approach for delivering current astrobiology research to the general public"

Location: JHN 075



Brad Foley - Penn State University


"Prospects for habitability of Earth-sized stagnant lid planets"


Peter Gao - UC Berkeley

"Atmospheres under a Red Sun"


Rachel Osten - STScI
"The Space Weather Environment that Stars Create"


Cayman Unterborn - Arizona State University

"Redefining "Earth-Like":  Habitable Planet Composition and the Case for Moving beyond the Mass-Radius Diagram"


Noah Planavsky - Yale University

"What we talk about when we talk about reverse weathering"



Owen Lehmer - University of Washington


Hayden Smotherman- University of Washington


"Constraining Archean pCO2 with Micrometeorites"


"Real-time Forward Modeling for the JUICE SWI Calibration Radiometer Firmware Suite"


Zach Cohen - University of Washington

Michael Wong - University of Washington

Andrew Lincowski- University of Washington

"Fatty acid membranes, peptide production, and the origin of life"


"Inverse Phototrophy: Crazy? You Tell Me"


"Identifying Exoplanet Atmospheric Loss By Observing Isotopologue Bands with JWST"


Betul Kacar - University of Arizona

"Reconstructed enzymes as proxies for ancient biogeochemical intermediaries"


Natasha Batahla- UC Santa Cruz

"Interpreting Exoplanetary Atmospheres with JWST: Insights from Solar System Science"



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