Astrobiology Colloquium

Welcome to the Spring 2019 Autumn Astrobiology Colloquium Series!
UWAB hosts a biannual colloquium series every spring and fall, featuring speakers from both UW and other institutions presenting on a wide range of astrobiology related topics. Here, you can find the schedule for upcoming colloquia and seminars, as well as an archive of abstracts and live recordings of past events.
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**All Presentations this Quarter will be Held on Tuesdays at 3pm in the Physics and Astronomy Auditorium (PAA) Room A118**


Date Speaker Title of Talk


Hilke Schlichting


University of California, Los Angeles, Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Dept.


"Atmospheric accretion, evolution and loss of super-Earths, sub-Neptunes and terrestrial planets"


Matt Pasek


University of Southern Florida, School of Geosciences


"When molecules matter: Phosphorus and its sources on the early earth"


Kevin Zahnle


NASA Ames Research Center


"Xenon: King of the Gases"


Ken Williford


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Deputy Project Scientist Mars 2020 Mission

and Astrobiogeochemistry Lab Director


"The Mars 2020 Rover Mission"


Woody Fischer

California Institute of Technology, Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences

“Photosynthesis, a Planetary Revolution”


Jonathan Marshal

Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics



Kathleen Mandt

Johns Hopkins University

Applied Physics Laboratory, Chief Scientist

"Tracing Formation and Evolution of Outer Solar System Bodies through Stable Isotopes and Noble Gas Abundances


Jana Meixnerova &

Michael Kipp


UW ESS Department


Astrobiology Research Roation Presentations


Britney Schmidt 

Georgia Institute of Technology, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Dept.



Jacob Lustig-Yaeger & Diana Windemuth

UW Astronomy Dept.

Astrobiology Research Rotation Presentations


Archived Presentations:


Missed the last seminar series? See our archive for abstracts and video recordings of all past talks from 2003 - Present.  We've also begun recording our presentations and hosting them on YouTube