Graduate Program

Established in 1999, the UW Astrobiology Program (UWAB) is a leader in the fields of astrobiology education, research, and training. Our students come from diverse backgrounds – personally, professionally, and academically – and work side-by-side with faculty members, researchers, and fellow students in a highly collaborative learning community.

The UWAB Graduate Program includes two different curricula and credentials: a Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology and a Dual-Title PhD in Astrobiology.

The Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology is available to master- and doctoral-level students enrolled in astrobiology-related disciplines. The Dual-Title PhD curriculum is available only to Doctoral students enrolled in specific doctoral programs affiliated with the UW Astrobiology Program.

Visit the resources below to learn more about the field of astrobiology and the many opportunities available within the University of Washington Astrobiology Program.

What is Astrobiology?

Overview of the ever-changing field of astrobiology. MORE >

How to Apply

Details on how to apply to the UW Astrobiology Program. MORE >

Student Guides

  • Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology MORE >
  • Dual-Title PhD in Astrobiology MORE >

UWAB Courses

A listing of courses taught through the Astrobiology Program and a selection of astrobiology cognate courses offered in other departments/programs. MORE >

Alumnus Jesse Colangelo-Lillis (MS, '12) collects ice core samples in northern Alaska.
Graduate student Jesse Colangelo-Lillis (MS, '12) collects ice core samples in northern Alaska.