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The UWAB Program often shares exciting news and updates about our astrobiology research and education efforts as well as news from the larger astrobiology community. Similarly, we host multiple events over the course of the year ranging in size and topic. 
One way to stay connected is by following our newsletter, which features department news, special events, and research done by UWAB students:

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UWAB also hosts a biannual colloquium series, featuring speakers from both UW and other institutions, presenting on a wide range of astrobiology-related topics. You can find descriptions and live recordings of many of our past colloquia by visiting our seminars page:


Or, check out some of our recent headlines:
UWAB graduate students survey the landscape near the Mona Kea volcano during an astrobiology field workshop in Hawaii.
UWAB graduate students survey the landscape near the Mauna Kea volcano during an astrobiology field workshop in Hawaii.

UWAB Headlines


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