Associate Professor,
Earth & Space Sciences

Astrobiology Areas of Interest: Origin & Evolution of Life on Earth, Life in Extreme Environments


Current Research Interests:  Natural and anthropogenic processes such as biogeochemical cycles, mineral dissolution, activities related to industry, mining, and nuclear energy introduce a variety chemical species into the environment. Many processes involving microorganisms, mineral surfaces, and aqueous complexation reactions influence the migration of these species through the environment. To have a better understanding how these processes affect water quality, contaminant migration, and remediation efforts I combine interdisciplinary techniques from microbiology, low temperature aqueous geochemistry, physical chemistry, and thermodynamic modeling to get a quantitative understanding of the processes affecting the movement of chemical species through the environment.  In addition to investigating the influence of microbes on the the environment, I'm also interested in microbial adaptions to extreme environments.  Current research includes investigations of nutrient uptake by oligotrophs and metabolic efficiency measurement of extremophiles.