Jeff Bowman [EMAIL]

Assistant Professor,
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Integrative Oceanography Division, University of California, San Diego

Dual-Title Ph.D., Oceanography & Astrobiology, UW (2014)

Astrobiology Areas of Interest: Life in Extreme Environments

C.V. :


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Jeff is an Assistant Professor in the Integrative Oceanography Division at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. He explores microbial ecosystem function in the global ocean and continues to use this knowledge to better understand the habitability of ocean worlds in our Solar System.

Jeff was a postdoctoral fellow in the Biology and Paleo Environment Division of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and a research scientist at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. His research is focused on the interactions between bacteria and phytoplankton, with a particular emphases on epibiotic bacteria (bacteria attached to phytoplankton cells) and their role in the initiation, maintenance, and collapse of phytoplankton blooms. He also has active projects related to his doctoral work on the microbial ecology of sea ice and other psychrophile habitats.