Joe Felsenstein [EMAIL]

Genome Sciences

Professor, Biology

Office: GNOM S420B
Phone: 206 543 0150

Box Number: 355065

Astrobiology Areas of Interest: Origin & Evolution of Life on Earth


I came from Philadelphia, and took my undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1964. My Ph.D. thesis work was with Richard Lewontin, then at the University of Chicago. After a year's postdoctoral work at the Institute of Animal Genetics in Edinburgh, Scotland, I got a job here in the Department of Genetics. I was also an adjunct faculty member in Zoology 1990-2002 and since then a joint member of Genome Sciences and of Biology Department. I originally trained as a theoretical population geneticist, and did primarily that for the first decade of work here. But then a side interest in inference of phylogenies came to be my primary research area. I released the PHYLIP package of programs to infer phylogenies for the first time in 1980, and published a 2004 book Inferring Phylogenies. Since about 1990 I have concentrated on how trees of genes in populations allow inference of parameters.