Rachel Horak [EMAIL]

Postdoctoral Research Associate,
School of Oceanography

Office: Ocean Sciences Builiding 514
Phone: 206-543-0272

Box Number: 357940

Astrobiology Areas of Interest: Life in Extreme Environments, Education & Outreach


My current research involves the nitrogen cycle in marine environments: what microbes are there, what are they doing, and how do they affect global biogeochemical cycles.
Most of my study sites are incredibly low in ammonium and nitrate, which makes them "extreme environments". I study mechanisms that the microbes have to live in such environments, and the interactions between organisms in these environments which facilitates their survival.
I am also highly interested in astrobiology education and outreach. I had the opportunity to teach a few astrobiology graduate classes, I frequently teach my own freshman seminar at UW, and I volunteer at the Pacific Science Center.