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Nuclear Star Clusters in the Virgo Cluster: Results from Multiband Photometry and Spectroscopy


Chelsea Spengler (University of Victoria)

November 21, 2017 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The centers of galaxies are home to intriguing central massive objects (CMOs) that, although spatially quite small, have far-reaching effects on galaxy evolution. CMOs manifest as supermassive black holes and/or nuclear star clusters (NSCs), and follow well-known scaling relations with global properties of their host galaxies. The ubiquitousness of CMOs suggests that their formation is a key component of galaxy evolution, but much remains unknown about CMO origins and growth. This is especially true in dwarf galaxies, where the scaling relations are less understood and NSCs are most abundant. In this seminar I will present recent work to constrain the origins of NSCs through a detailed multi-wavelength study of the stellar populations and scaling relations in 39 NSCs and their hosts, capitalizing on a number of ground- and space-based surveys of the Virgo Cluster. I will also introduce ongoing work with full dataset available from the Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey, which provides a new opportunity to study NSCs of unprecedented faintness.