Findeisen, Krzysztof


Research Scientist





Studied at

Caltech (2015)

Joined UW in


I am a software developer working on problems at the intersection of software engineering, science, and statistics. I currently work on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope’s alert production pipeline, a complex framework for turning LSST’s flood of raw data into a flood of science within 60 seconds. I’m involved in a variety of projects for the pipeline, including developer infrastructure, objects and interfaces for managing astronomical coordinate transformations, and a fail-resistant framework for pipeline verification.

Before joining LSST, I worked on other statistical and software problems in astronomy. For my dissertation, I developed new statistical tools for characterizing aperiodic time series data and applied them to Palomar Transient Factory light curves of young variable stars. More recently, I worked on data analysis software for validating the Gaia pipeline, finding statistical anomalies in the pre-release catalogs.