Telford, Grace


Graduate Student





Studied at

University of Pittsburgh (2013)

Joined UW in


I use large data sets to probe the physics driving the evolution of galaxies.


I’m a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Big Data IGERT student in the eScience Institute. Currently, I’m working on the spatially resolved metal production history of the nearby galaxy M31 and using the fraction of metal mass retained in that galaxy to constrain past outflows of baryons and metals.

My previous work includes analyzing systematic uncertainties in the relationship between the star formation rate, metallicity, and stellar mass in star forming galaxies in the local universe, as well as developing robust methods of measuring the similarity of galaxy spectra using unsupervised machine learning techniques.

As an undergrad at Pitt, I studied both astrophysics and bioengineering. I worked on star formation histories of distant galaxies in the DEEP2 survey, dynamics of the solar photosphere, and developing learner-adaptive, simulation-based training systems for medical professionals.

Curriculum Vitae