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Making artist's books is a creative way to incorporate images and/or writing while you learn fundamental techniques of book making. As you create one-of-a-kind books, instruction will include information about papers, adhesives, sewing and folding tips, simple hard cover, soft cover and accordion bindings, how to produce small editions, &c. By the end of class, you will have built up a number of skills in basic structures and created a number of beautiful, unusual books including pop-ups and pamphlets to use as models for your own book projects. No experience necessary. Bring lunch. Wedgwood.

Please note: these values do not include the $12 general public / $5 UW student registration fees.

Taught by: Bonnie Thompson-Norman

Section 1

10:00AM - 5:00PM

Sat. 07/12

Location: Wedgwood

Max Enrollment: 8

General Public: $80

UW Students: $59

Status: Section Already Started

Contact our office, 206.543.4375, for availability.