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Learn the basics of traditional bookbinding and box making as you create a hard cover, cloth bound book and a custom-made clamshell box. You will be introduced to the techniques and materials of the craft of bookbinding: papers and adhesives, folding and sewing a blank book, constructing a square back case binding, &c. The second day, step by step, you measure and construct a matching box in which to house the book. Taught by a full-time, professional bookbinder in a fully equipped studio where you have all you need to create professional looking books and boxes for your albums, journals, &c. Wedgwood.

Please note: these values do not include the $12 general public / $5 UW student registration fees.

Taught by: Bonnie Thompson-Norman

Section 1

10:00AM - 5:00PM

Sat. - Sun. 08/02 - 08/03

Location: Wedgwood

Max Enrollment: 8

General Public: $132

UW Students: $97

Status: 3 spots left!