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*Funding AAC Equipment

Wondering what funding resources and options you may have? Check out the information below, along with some guidelines for composing a letter of justification in Washington State.

Funding Options & Resources
These include national and regional resources that will give you an overview of funding options for AAC. You will also find links to up-to-date information of Medicare funding.

WA State Letter of Justification Guidelines:
The Washington State AAC Task Force has put together information about writing a Letters of Justification (LOJ) to third party payers to justify new or updated AAC equipment. We began with the format that WA State DSHS requires for all AAC letters of justification and then modified the guidelines based on our experience. See Washington State AAC Task Force for details on members and affiliations.

Tips for Funding in WA State
Here you will find tips for requesting particular device features in your Letter of Justification. You will understand these tips best if you have read the section of this website entitled "Understanding AAC Features"

Funding Terminology to Know
Here we provide you with some of the words you will need to understand to make a strong argument for a particular device. Don't skip this section if you really want to write an effective letter of justification.

Other Documentation to Submit
There are other documents that you must submit along with the letter of justification. Don't skip this section or your request will probably be denied.

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