Determine a Protein's Contact Order
Correlation between folding rate and contact order

ln kf(predicted) = 16.1 - 0.71(%RCO)
This equation represents the best linear fit to a larger data set than available in Plaxco et al., therefore the slope and y-intercept may be slightly different than that shown in Figure 1.

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General Information

Our studies have revealed a significant correlation between the average sequence seqaration between contacting residues in the native state (contact order) and the folding rate of simple, single domain proteins. For more information you may view the [Full Text PDF]

This website determines the contact order by either uploading a PDB file supplied by the user or retrieving the PDB file from the Protein Data Bank by ftp. The uploaded file must follow the standard PDB file format. More time is usually required to retrieve a PDB file from the Protein Data Bank.

Plaxco, K. W., Simons, K. T., and Baker, D. (1998). Contact order, transition state placement, and the refolding rates of single domain proteins. J. Mol. Biol. 277, 985-994. [Full Text PDF]