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Blum, B., Jordan M. I., & Baker D. (2010).  Feature space resampling for protein conformational search. Proteins. 78(6), 1583-93. Abstract  Download: blum10A.pdf (621.02 KB)
Grantcharova, V. P., & Baker D. (1997).  Folding dynamics of the src SH3 domain. Biochemistry. 36(50), 15685-92. Abstract  Download: grantcharova97A.pdf (171.64 KB)
Goobes, G., Goobes R., Schueler-Furman O., Baker D., Stayton P. S., & Drobny G. P. (2006).  Folding of the C-terminal bacterial binding domain in statherin upon adsorption onto hydroxyapatite crystals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 103(44), 16083-8. Abstract  Download: goobes06A.pdf (725.15 KB)
Bradley, P., Malmström L., Qian B., Schonbrun J., Chivian D., Kim D. E., et al. (2005).  Free modeling with Rosetta in CASP6. Proteins. 61 Suppl 7, 128-34. Abstract  Download: bradley05A.pdf (1.17 MB)
Tang, Y., Schneider W. M., Shen Y., Raman S., Inouye M., Baker D., et al. (2010).  Fully automated high-quality NMR structure determination of small (2)H-enriched proteins. Journal of structural and functional genomics. 11(4), 223-32. Abstract  Download: tang10A.pdf (451.53 KB)
Bonneau, R., Tsai J., Ruczinski I., & Baker D. (2001).  Functional inferences from blind ab initio protein structure predictions. Journal of structural biology. 134(2-3), 186-90. Abstract  Download: bonneau01B.pdf (115.55 KB)