Baltic Studies Summer Institute
Intensive Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Language Courses

BALSSI 2009: June 14- August 6, 2010 at Madison
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BALSSI Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian classes, Summer 2007

The Baltic Studies Summer Institute (BALSSI) offers intensive Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian language courses. BALSSI also offers a cultural enhancement program which introduces students to the rich world of Baltic history and culture. The Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will host the Baltic Studies Summer Institute (BALSSI) in the summer of 2010 (June 14-August 6, 2010). Elementary Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian language courses will be offered, as well as lectures (in English) on Baltic history and culture and a rich program of cultural events related to the Baltic lands. BALSSI is sponsored by a consortium of twelve US universities and receives additional support from the American Council of Learned Societies, the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies, the Lithuanian Foundation, and the American Latvian Youth Association. For further information about BALSSI 2010, please contact Jennifer Tishler, CREECA associate director, jtishler@creeca.wisc.edu, 1-608-262-3379. www.creeca.wisc.edu

Estonian students, 2004 Latvian students, 2004 Lithuanian students, 2004

Baltic Studies Summer Institute Consortium:

Universities interested in joining the consortium are invited to write to the BALSSI consortium coordinator, Guntis Smidchens <guntiss@u.washington.edu>

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University of Washington Baltic Studies Program

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