Employer Resources

Interested in providing an Internship for UW Bothell students? ¬†Please read the Internship Guidelines for Employers document and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Job Description:

We suggest that the job description is as detailed as possible, so our students know what is expected of them. A comprehensive job description also helps them to plan and prepare for a sustainable work/school mix. The following points should be addressed in the job description:

  • Position: Intern (Accounting, Marketing etc. or very broad, Business Major)
  • Expected working hours per week.
  • Academic Credits: Available/Not Available (Academic credit can only be earned if the student will have a learning experience, and if the company has assigned a supervisor that will work with the student)
  • Compensation: (if yes, how much)
  • Short description of the business (This is where you promote the business)
  • Job Description (As detailed as possible, expectation such as working from home or in the office etc.)
  • Desired Skills & Experience (Knowledge of MS Word, Excel etc.)
  • Application deadline
  • Link to the company website
  • Company Logo as a tif or jpg file

We recommend you post the internship on two boards:

HuskyJobs. Posting the internship on HuskyJobs will make sure that all our students have equal access to the unique opportunity you are offering.

School of Business Internship Board: Posting on this board allows us to target the School of Business students.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or phone.


Additional resources, just for you: University of Washington, Bothell Career Service

For more information on Career Fairs, Networking Nights, On-Campus Interviews, and Information Sessions please visit the events page.