Oral Bio Sample Study

Research Description

This study, conducted by the University of Washington, is collecting user feedback and investigating the usability of our lab’s recently developed lollipop-inspired sampling system, CandyCollect, which enables at-home saliva and commensal bacteria collection. CandyCollect will be sent to participants via delivery directly to their doorstep without person-to-person contact. As a participant in this research study, you would be helping researchers develop a platform that can capture microbial samples from saliva, by using a total of 6 lollipop-type products, 6 oral swabs, and 2 spitting saliva collection kits over the course of 2 days. Data and user feedback gathered from this study will be used to make updates to CandyCollect based on the ability of the product to capture microbial samples from saliva. User feedback is important as it helps us understand the current strengths and weaknesses to address in future versions of CandyCollect. Saliva samples collected from participants in this study will be analyzed only for oral bacteria population. Therefore, we will not test for any medical information from your samples. 

Interested in Participating?

Click here to see if you’re eligible to participate in this research study. Further information for prospective participants can be found below:

  • The following items will be included with the CandyCollect kit:
    • 6 lollipops with plastic wrappers (3 for each day)
    • 6 oral swabs (3 for each day)
    • 2 spitting saliva collection kits (“SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit”) (1 for each day) 
    • 1 instructional page with space for note-taking
    • 1 data table
    • 1 silica dessicant
    • 1 small pencil (for note-taking)
    • 2 return packages
  • While kit usage time varies from person to person, each lollipop is designed to be fully consumed in roughly 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the candy size. You will be eating, at most, three small lollipops each day (each lollipop is a piece of candy roughly the size of a quarter). Three oral swabs will be used each day by placing a Q-tip inside your mouth for 30 seconds. Additionally, there will be one tube that will be used each day to collect a spit saliva sample. Instructions for sample collections and return mailing will be included.
  • If you choose to participate in this study, your participation will last for 2 days. The time commitment is based on the number of lollipops sent.
  • An approximate overview of the two-day sample collections is described below:
    • Day 1
      • You will collect oral samples using three different methods. The first method is spitting into the tube for the saliva collection.
      • Second method is collecting saliva by placing an oral swab inside your mouth for 30 seconds. You will repeat this three times for a total of three oral swabs to be used that day.
      • Third method is consuming 3 lollipops; this will take about 3-10 minutes per lollipop depending on the size of the lollipops we send to you. Record the time it took to dissolve each candy. 
      • This may take approximately 40 minutes in total. Specific instructions about time considerations will be included in your study kit.  
      • Follow the instructions for packaging the oral swabs, lollipop sticks, and spit tube to return to the study team.
    • Day 2
      • Repeat all the same steps in order completed on Day 1.
      • Complete the included data table and enter this data into your unique online survey.
      • Complete your unique online survey questions about your experience in the study.
      • As with Day 1, this entire process may take around 40 minutes to complete.
  • The lollipops are made in a kitchen that follows hygiene guidelines outlined for Washington State Cottage Food Operations. Masks are worn at all times during the food preparation.
  • The lollopops included are made up of a hard candy containing the following ingredients:
    • Isomalt (an ingredient commonly used in “sugar free” candy), red gel color (water, high fructose corn syrup, glycerine, FD&C red 40, sugar, modified food starch, xanthan gum, carrageenan gum, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, citric acid), strawberry flavored oil (propylene glycol, artificial flavors, alcohol, water, triacetin, FD&C red 40, FD&C blue 1), and water.
  • The study team will record your full name and shipping address in our REDCap database, a secure web application for maintaining individual information. The study team will also ask you for your preferred methods of contact, which include phone number and email address, for any communications throughout the study.
  • Medical information will not be collected from participants in this study. No identifiable data or results gathered from your participation in the study will be shared with you or others outside the study team.
  • For participation in the study, participants will be given a compensation of $40 in the form of a gift card.