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B CUSP 110 - Digital Thinking:
Animation, Video Games, and the Social Web

The ideas and practices of computational thinking: creatively explore and solve computational problems; study and understand computing and computer science from societal perspective; and examine the ethical implications of new computing technologies. After this class, students will have understanding of the practices of computational thinking, including:

  • Connecting Computing: draw connections between different computing concepts, e.g., Boolean Algebra, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Database.
  • Developing Computational Artifacts: e.g. personal web site, video games, mobile applications.
  • Abstracting: apply abstraction at multiple levels ranging from binary representation to social network applications.
  • Analyzing Problems and Artifacts: apply computational techniques and strategies to analyze and evaluate computational work.
  • Communicating: describe computation and impact of technology and computation.

Fall 2012 (Kelvin Sung)

Fall 2011 (Kelvin Sung)

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