B CUSP 110C – Digital Thinking

Exercise 1: Connecting To Your Principles and To UW



Personal Values

This exercise was pioneered by a University of Colorado Psychology Professor – we use to get ourselves thinking about our own priorities; it is graded submitted/not-submitted. This means, you will not be evaluated by what you say, only if you made a sincere effort to do the exercise.


Think about the things that are important to you. Perhaps you care about being creative; maybe close family relationships matter a lot to you; perhaps you want to make a contribution to society and count that as most important; or maybe you think it is essential to have a sense of humor. What matters most to you?

Pick two or three of these values and write about why they are important to you. We will go over people’s paper in next lecture. You have at least fifteen minutes, so give it serous thoughts. Please use WORD, print out your work to submit in class and submit online (refer to class web-site for our class dropbox).