Bernard Deconinck's Research

Picture of Hurricane Gracee
Picture of Hurricane Grace
Surface waves in water of arbitrary depth
Project Collaborators
Bernard Deconinck
John Carter
Walter Craig
Joe Hammack
Diana Henderson
David Nicholls
Harvey Segur
Catherine Sulem
Project Description
This is a research project involving many. The objective of the research group is to construct the building blocks of a practical theory for inviscid surface water waves: stable or long-lived wave patterns in arbitrary depth that are fully three-dimensional and fully nonlinear. To this end, we are using methods from analysis, computational mathematics, asymptotics and algebraic geometry, together with state-of-the-art physical experiments.

Waves play an important role in the open ocean and in coastal regions. The potential coherence of three-dimensional wave patterns over large scales is not well-known, nor are the effects of coherence and large amplitude wave weather, air-sea transport processes, and large-scale structures. Thus, an understanding of these patterns is of importance to shipping and coastal engineering.

Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, Lewis Hall #202, Box 353925, Seattle, WA 98195-3925 USA
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