N&B Class of 2012

Here is the final roster of students who have accepted our offer of admitance to the Graduate Program in Neurobiology & Behavior this Fall. Our recruiting was exceptionally successful this year!

Ashley Angell
BS, Biochem, Univ Iowa

Mishaela DiNino
BA, Psychology, San Diego St Univ
MA, Psychology, San Diego St Univ

Aaron Garcia
BS, Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science, Univ Michigan

Katherine Gumps
BS, Biology, Coll of Charleston
BS, Discovery Informatics, Coll Charleston

Lauren Hood
BS, Psychology, Arizona St Univ

Brady Houston
BS, Biomedical Engineering, Univ Utah

Brooke Jarvie
BS, Biomedical Sciences, Colorado St Univ

Katherine Manbeck
BA, Psychology, Univ Minnesota

Eric Nicholas
BS, Microbiology, Univ Mass-Amherst
MS, Biomedical Sciences, Florida Atlantic Univ

Rich Pang
BS, Physics, Univ Wisconsin

Sarah Pickett
BA, Biology, NYU

Matthew Soleiman
BS, Psychology, UCSD

Hannah Thomasy
BA, Behavioral Neuroscience, Colgate Univ (NY)

Alison Weber
BA, Biological Sciences, Univ Chicago

Mark Wronkiewicz
BS, Biomedical Engineering, Washington Univ

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