Entering Class of 2013

Here is the final roster of students who have accepted our offer of admitance to the Graduate Program in Neurobiology & Behavior this Fall 2013. Our recruiting was very successful this year!

Jonathan Browning
University of Washington, Applied & Computational Math Science

Kaitlyn Casimo
Pomona College, Neuroscience

Kelly Duong
Brown University, Cognitive Neuroscience

Clare Gamlin
Vanderbilt University, Neuroscience

Seth Koenig
Georgia Institute of Technology, Biomedical Engineering

Bethany Kondiles
Lawrence University, Biology/Neuroscience

Philp Mardoum
University of Chiago, Biological Sciences

Kanichi Nakata
University of California-Davis, Psychology, Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior

Gabrielle O’Brien
Agnes Cott College, Mathematics

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