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Critical Design Event - Designing for Gender Equality

Ginger Daniel, MLA 2013 Candidate

Addressing gender inequality and women’s empowerment has been globally recognized as a breakthrough strategy for addressing all major development goals and as a precondition for overcoming poverty, hunger and disease. 

While designers (architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers) are frequently moved or called to serve in the developing world, they are not necessarily equipped to see and understand unique challenges and opportunities due to gender inequality. 

Without this lens, design interventions may not address these needs and have the potential to further reinforce existing obstacles, discrimination or influences of the built environment. 

As designers, how do we approach our design process and interventions to attend to these critical gender dynamics and development opportunities?

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Mario Campos, FAIA, ASLA, Jones & Jones

TeaTalk No. 2

Join the UW Department of Landscape Architecture for our monthly Professional TeaTalk.  This month, Mario Campos, partner at Jones & Jones, will be sharing about his work in establishing and gathering support for a landscape culture through design. Projects of note: Mountains to Sound Greenway Corridor, WA; Dublin Zoo, Ireland; Hawaii Roads Landscape Strategies; South Park Community, Seattle.

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UW // LA Winter Lecture

Binyi Liu: Trilism of Landscape Architecture: Its Theory and Practices in China

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Croatia Design/Build Pecha Kucha

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The Fall Quarter Croatia Design/Build Studio will be presenting their work and experiences abroad.  Pizza and beverage provided!  

Next phase of the studio happening early Fall 2013 -

Info Session: Tuesday 2/19 - 12pm | Gould 102. Website here.   

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UW // LA Professional TeaTalk series

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Join the Department of Landscape Architecture for a regular TeaTalk series which invites local and global professionals to present on topics of their choosing. More details forthcoming.  

Jun Cai, Associate Professor, Beijing Forestry University 
Scenes of Urban Daily Life: Spontaneous Group Activities in Beijing Parks 
January 16 | 4:30 pm 
Gould 110

Mario Campos, FAIA, ASLA, Partner, Jones and Jones  
TeaTalk No. 2 - Landscape Cultures  
February 20 | 4:30 pm 
Gould 322

Koichi Kobayashi, Kobayashi Global
From Memory of Disaster Today to World Heritage Tommorrow:
Inspiration to Landscape Architects
April 17 | 4:30
Laura Haddad, Haddad|Drugan
Exterior Phenomena and Alternative Materiality
May 22 | 4:30

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