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Relational Landscapes: Kelty McKinnon, Vancouver BC

McKinnon Lecture

Kelty Miyoshi McKinnon is a Landscape Architect and Principal at Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg in Vancouver where she specializes in projects dealing with the public realm and public art both locally and internationally.  She has taught and conducted research in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia focusing on the production of emergent urban and non-urban landscapes that engage environmental, social and cultural ecologies.  Proffesional development hours offered for this lecture.  Please contact the UW LA dept. for details.

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Dowell Myers: Demographic Forces Shaping Trend Reversals in the 21st Century City

Meeting the Challenge of Seeing Ahead for Better Decisions Today

Dowell Myers is a professor in the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development and director of the Population Dynamics Research Group. Myers holds a Ph.D. in urban and regional planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and he also studied demography and sociology at Harvard University. He has a master of planning degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and an undergraduate degree in anthropology from Columbia University. Well-known as a specialist in demographic trends and their relation to all areas of policy and planning, Myers has a particular expertise in projecting the future and conveying knowledge useful for public decision making. Myers has testified before the U.S. Congress at Ellis Island and before the California Legislature. He frequently addresses civic groups, real estate and planning organizations and educators.

Join the University of Washington for an exciting Walker Ames Lecture by Dowell Myers. Learn more about the lecture and reserve your seats at the Walker Ames Website.

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DMG Outside the Box Series presents: What's wrong with Sketchup?

A panel discussion on use of digital tools in the design studio

Computer use in studio has changed much more than the look of most studios. It is a challenge to all concerned, requiring new skills on the part of both students and faculty, but it may also be inhibiting development of your design skills by exercising different cognitive functions and subtly shifting the focus in many design situations. This panel will discuss challenges and opportunities from the point of view of students, faculty and practitioners. Come along and share your experience as well.

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BE Lecture Series: George Suyama

Inspirations and Place

Join us for a lecture and reception with George Suyama, principal of Seattle-based architecture firm Suyama Peterson Deguchi.

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Liveability or Gentrification

Democratic Neighborhood Revitalization in Copenhagen presented by Bianca Hermansen

Does design for livable cities inevitably lead to gentrification and displacement?  

Come hear about Copenhagen's last decade of work to revitalize its neighborhoods while respecting existing neighborhood residents, culture and identity. Bianca Hermansen will show examples from the last decade of work in Copenhagen that demonstrate deliberate strategies to spatially democratize renewal projects. 

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UW Autumn 2011 LA Design Studios | Final Presentations and Critiques


Monday Dec. 5th


Community Design Building

LARC 300 Introduction Landscape Architecture Studio

 Wednesday Dec. 7th


 Gould 100


LARC 501 Landscape Design & Planning Studio

 Wednesday Dec. 7th


 Gould 100


LARC 403 Cultural Landscape Studio

 Friday Dec. 9th


Gould Court


LARC 504 Landscape Urbanism Studio

Friday Dec. 9th


Gould 110 +Court

LARC 301 Design Foundations Studio

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Border Crossing

Autumn 2011 LA Colloquium Series

The Department of Landscape Architecture Autumn 2011 LA Colloquium Series this year focuses on design research, education and practices that transcend boundaries. 

Posted Wednesday 26 October 2011 at 12:35 am |

Playing on the Pier

Temporary Exhibition at the Seattle Waterfront

Please join us this Saturday for the Public Space | Public Life installations on Pier 62/63! Beginning at 1pm, the exhibit wil be open all weekend, but please join us at the opening this Saturday, 1-3pm, for the best viewing. 

Posted Wednesday 05 October 2011 at 10:49 pm |