Artsparks @ Occidental Park

"Lifelines" by MLA grads Sarah Ferreter and Jenny Kempson

Selected by 4Culture and Seattle Parks, lifelines was a 2-week temporary art/landscape installation that transformed the Occidental Park into a scene of wonder. "In this installation, we recall the historic shoreline of the Puget Sound, which are represented in floating tree ripples surrounding the trees lining the park’s pathway, evoking water droplet rings fading out into the park. Beneath these floating ripples, colorful rings on the ground radiate out from the trees, evocative of the growth of tree-rings within the London Plane Trees. The ground rings will be created with colorful chalk pastel, while the rings around the tree will be made of a subtly reflective material that will catch sunlight and reflect the colored rings on the ground." -- Kempson and Ferreter

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Posted Saturday 08 October 2011 at 10:00 pm
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