MLA Grad wins Street Works competion in Sydney, Australia

Kristi Park's 'Urban Waterfall' installation wins urban design competition

The international competition entitled "Street Works" was created and managed by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and designed to enliven underutilized urban spaces throughout the City of Sydney in accordance with the Sydney: Vision in 2030 Plan

2011 UW MLA Graduate Kristi Park's winning entry was located in the Redfern neighborhood on Redfern between Gibbons and Regents,  a narrow pedestrian/utility corridor that lacked architectural interest and was described as a "harsh urban environment".  Five design schemes were chosen in total out of 67 entries from seven different countries.

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Designers were provided with basic information and photographs for numerous sites throughout Sydney to gain site specific design interventions. Up to $10,000 per team was provided to create and install the selected design interventions.

"Despite the difficult urban conditions, I was inspired by the stark contrast of the building heights and blank building façades, a landscape reminiscent of a dry waterfall. I felt that few street level applications could have truly transformed this stretch of Redfern Street and that the optimal solution was to create "water" translated into the urban context as an inverted cathedral of color, light, and shadow over the street to enliven the space below - thus the creation of the "urban waterfall."

The "Urban Waterfall" was installed in 2 days in very difficult environmental conditions including high winds, structurally inadequate rooftop conditions and high construction traffic with a team consisting of myself, my family, and volunteers from the AILA/Street Works program. It was difficult to film or photograph the installation due to its large size of 11 stories tall. Here is a link to a short video of the installation

While in Sydney, Kristi also had the opportunity be interviewed by the ABC radio station program "By Design" with Sacha Coles, Director at Aspect Studios. Mr. Coles was one of the primary instigators of Street Works and was instrumental to the success of the competition.  link to the interview

Posted Sunday 13 November 2011 at 7:36 pm