LA Students Presenting at Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation Meeting

Congratulations to UW Students Dinah Gewalt and Betsy Jacobson

Two LA students have been chosen to give poster presentations at the upcoming Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation 34th Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC.  

BLA student Dinah Gewalt will present "Rehabilitation of the Kennecott Cemetery  Honoring Life and Death in the Alaskan Wilderness" drawing from her internship experiences at the Alaska Regional Office of the National Park Service.  MLA/MUP student Betsy Jacobson will present Ideas for the next 100 years of National Parks: San Juan Island National Historical Park, Island as Park. Betsy is representing on behalf of her Winter 2012 studio's participation in the "Parks for the People" Design Competition.

Posted Monday 23 April 2012 at 1:16 pm